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2019 Registration OPEN
Registration for 2019 Spring Lacrosse is OPEN! DEADLINE:...
UM Lax Survey Results
SURVEY RESULTS !! Thanks to all of you that responded to our survey. Knowing...
Boys Equipment Needed to Play
Girls Equipment needed to Play
2019 Registration OPEN

Registration for 2019 Spring Lacrosse is OPEN!

DEADLINE: January 15, 2019

This year we are excited to announce that we have signed a Turf partnership with Upper Moreland high school.  This will allow us to hold practices and games when the fields are not playable.  And maybe to get some games under the lights !!  This was something that came up in the survey that we sent out last year.  We thank you for your feedback and we are changing things as we can.  We are increasing registration $15.00 per player this year.  Our costs have gone up and we are trying to include more things for the players.  We will need your help selling calendars this year which will help cover some of the additional costs.  Each player will be responsible to sell (2) calendars if not more.  We will run a contest for the player that sells the most.  Calendars will come out first week of practice.  Another new change this year, boys grades 3 thru 8 will be purchasing their uniforms to keep.  Uniform sizing will occur in January.  Stay tuned for more details.  

We are looking forward to a great year. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions – 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the field !!

Kathy Wilson

UM Lacrosse President

by posted 10/17/2018
UM Lax Survey Results


Thanks to all of you that responded to our survey. Knowing what is working and what needs work will allow us to make this program the best it can be for the kids. We wanted to respond with a couple things to help clarify some of the responses that we received.


Question # 1 – Compared to the surrounding clubs, do you feel our registration prices are higher, lower or about the same ?

-82% said about the same

-15% said lower

-3% said higher

We try our best to keep costs down.  We review our expenses for the year and compare them to what we need to run the program.  We also review the surrounding clubs and see what they charge and what they offer.


Question # 2 – Communication, we are trying to get more information out to you as soon as we can via emails, website, and Facebook.  How did we do this year ?

-78 % said enough communication

-20% said need more communication

-2% said too much communication

We do our best to give you the info that is needed when we receive it or the board has voted on something.  We will continue to send communication multiple ways.


Question # 3 – Uniforms, some clubs make you purchase a uniform that you keep.  Our club collects them at the end of the year.  We are looking at having ea player keep their uniform that you purchase at registration time and then continue to wear until you need a new one or you graduate 8th grade.  Uniform dollar amounts are different for the different age groups also for boys and girls.

-58% said purchase

-42% said return at the end of the year

We are going to have some teams purchase this year. No money will be made to the club, uniforms will be sold at cost.  You will pay for your uniform during registration.  The following year you will not purchase one if you don’t need to.


Question # 4 – Fundraising- we added the jackpot calendars this past year.  Would you rather have us increase registration or continue with selling the calendars?

-63% said sell calendars

-36% said increase registration

We will be selling calendars again this coming year.  Each family will be required to sell (3) calendars.  You can always sell more to help the club.  Fundraising committee and Team parents will be in contact once practices start in Feb 2019.  Calendar will be for the month of May again.  Also, prizes must be picked up by the 1st week of June or the prize will be donated back to the club for the following year.


Questions # 5 – We would like to know if there was anything that you liked/disliked that we did this year or anything you would like to see. Let us know your thoughts.  A couple items and responds are below -

-Sepyla scheduling – Sepyla is the league that we are in for the boys to play.  Our club rep goes to the monthly meetings to discuss what is going on currently and for the future. This year, their board members are all new and have already started discussions on how to make things better and the biggest one is the scheduling.  We see an improvement with communication already and we hope that it continues.

-The charge for US Lacrosse - This is a requirement to play and is not our decision.   The club does not receive any funds from US Lacrosse.  More info can be found at - https://www.uslacrosse.org/

-More games- I would personally love to see more games.  With the weather last year, we really did miss out on a lot.  This year we have decided to partner with UM school district and become a Turf Partner.  This will give us access to both turf fields and the gym.  So when the fields are not playable, we have somewhere to go.  We will also allow us to have games on turf and maybe a game or two under the lights !!!

-Pictures – comments were all positive on how we ran pictures this year.  Only comment that we will discuss with Coaches and Team parents is to schedule the picture game sooner in the year rather than later. If the game is cancelled or re-scheduled, does not allow time to get another one in if needed

-More practices and games – please keep in mind that we are all volunteers trying to do our best for the kids.  There are many conversations that go on in the back ground about re-schedules and adding more games.  The leagues we play in allot a certain number of games. Your coaches can reach out to schedule more if they want to or a team manager can step up to do that for the coach.  As parents, if we step up to help with things like this, the coaches can focus on coaching the kids.


Last comments for me as president, I hope that you have seen the improvements that the board and I have been working on to make this the best program it can be. I would ask that you please communicate throughout the year on any comments/ideas either to your coach, athletic director or a board member. I am personally putting in hours of my time to make sure the kids are having fun and learning how to play one of the greatest sports in my eyes. I know that the board is dedicated to putting their time in also. We are all volunteers and we do it for the love of the kids and the game.  We can always use more hands. Please feel free at anytime to reach out to me for anything. 


See you on the field soon !!!


Kathy Wilson


by posted 09/16/2018
Boys Equipment Needed to Play

by posted 08/16/2018
Girls Equipment needed to Play

by posted 01/14/2018
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